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Do you need Executive Search solutions?  Here’s a list of questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Do we have the time and resources in-house to fulfill our executive search needs?
  2. Do we have the expertise to select the most qualified candidate for the job?
  3. Can our company/organization afford the fees to pay an executive search firm to find a CFO, Director of Finance, CEO or Executive Director?
  4. Does our executive search process, provide a diversified candidate database?
  5. How do we ensure that all the necessary qualifications are listed in the job description?

You more than likely need Executive Search service solutions, if you answered no to any one of the above questions. There are many candidates in the job market today and most companies find the advertising and selection process very overwhelming. KPM Accounting & Management Solutions has developed many professional relationships in the Bay Area, therefore we can assist our clients in locating the most qualified candidate for the position.

Executive Search:
  • Advertising, including job description
  • Screening of resumes
  • Interview process
  • Recommendations re: top 3 candidates
  • Reference check

Our fees are lower than most executive search firms and our inside track provides our clients with the top candidates in the Bay Area.