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Do you need Audit and Review solutions? Here’s a list of questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Does our bank require us to have an audit/review?
  2. Are there regulatory requirements for us to maintain an audit/review?
  3. Do we belong to a trade association that requires an audit/review?
  4. Do we need independent assurance on the quality of our financial accounting?
  5. Are we looking to go public or sell the business in the short to medium term?

Your company/organization most likely needs an audit or review performed, if you answered yes to any one of the above questions. An audit or review of your financial statements can be a valuable process. Typically, businesses have an audit or review performed when required by a lender or regulatory agency. KPM Accounting & Management Solutions is qualified to provide audit and review services. We use the audit as a tool to help you learn more about and improve your business, rather than simply an exercise to fulfill a requirement.


  • An audit includes evaluation and tests of internal controls
  • An audit is the expression of our opinion regarding your financial statements
  • Substantive testing is performed to provide us an adequate basis for our opinion
  • An audit it the highest level of assurance on financial statements available
  • Our typical customer: Non-profit receiving state/federal financial assistance and borrowers of sums in excess of $1 million


  • A review includes analytical procedures applied to account balances
  • No opinion is given, however negative assurance is provided (e.g. – nothing came to our attention…..)
  • A review is less costly than an audit
  • Our typical customer: Small businesses with revolving credit lines in excess of $500,000